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Mosaic, with building professional term of mosaic tile, is divided into stone mosaic tile and glass mosaic tile. It is a kind of decorative art and often uses many small stones or fragments of colored glass to make up the pattern, such as the glass art in the church which is also known as stained glass. In the period of Byzantine Empire, with the rise of Christianity, mosaic developed to be the form of murals in churches and palaces. Nowadays, mosaic refers to the type of colorful visual effects in general, For example: stone mosaic (mosaic painting), marble mosaic, glass & marble mosaic, etc. It also refers to the a widely used image (video) processing mean which degrades the color gradation details of a specific area of the image and cause the disorganized effect of color lump. As this ambiguity appears to be formed by small cells, we call this kind of image mosaic. Its aim is usually to make it unrecognizable.