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mosaic painting description:
mosaic painting supplier – Yunfu HuanJian Stone Ltd. is good quality mosaic painting manufacturer & mosaic painting outlet in China (Mainland). HJ mosaic factory wholesale supplies mosaic paintings, mosaic artist,mosaic fantasy,floral mosaic,mosaic flower,mural mosaic,mosaic animal,greek mosaic,roman mosaic,mosaic figure,landscape mosaic,ocean life painting, nautical painting, religious mosaic, etc 13 groups of marble mosaic painting products, 793 types of style, and ever- expending new designs!

HuanJian Stone Professional designer team are able to provide you personalized mosaic artist design service!

mosaic painting dimensions:
147cmx89cm 58″x35″], 132cmx94cm [52″x37″], etc. cut – to – size or according to customer’s requirement.
mosaic painting material:
Marble, Slate, Travertine, Emperador, Lime Stone, Basalt, ROYAL, Jade, Rosin Jade, etc.

HJ is a professional stone mosaic supplier, We can supply the mosaic painting as per customer’s requirement on material, color, design, drawing and pictures, OEM will be accepted.